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Project Description
The SharePoint Content Updater is project written in C# that provides a utility class allowing developers to automate the creation, update and removal of Web Parts within SharePoint sites. Useful when you don't want to replace the entire content of a page using element manifests.

The ContentUpdater assembly contains a utility class called ContentUpdater which contains a public method called ProcessActions. This method expects either a XML string or a ContentUpdaterActions object. The XML and class defines the SharePoint pages and WebParts to update, remove or add. An example XML is included with the source code and also with the main assembly download.

The XML should be fairly self explanatory with the source code also containing an XSD for the schema. Basically the XML contains one or more Action elements which define the SharePoint site and page to update.

Within each Action element are one or more ContentUpdate elements. The define the WebPart (by namespace), the action to perform (update, add or remove) and the containing zone. WebParts are identified by the namespace, containing zone and display title. When adding a WebPart it is also possible to specify the position within the zone to create it.

WebPart updates also contain a PropertyUpdate element, which define one or more properties to update. Content to update is contained within a CDATA section.

This is an initial beta release, so expect some updates in the coming weeks.

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